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whatever our wildest dreams may be, they only scratch the surface of what's possible
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Our on-line orders are not restricted by COVID-19. Parcels are delivered by DPD and don't require a signature. Our own driver does Dublin City deliveries and will keep a safe distance and follow any instructions you may have. NOTE: To protect our staff, we are restricting personal callers. Please order in advance and you may collect from our porch. We hope you all stay safe and healthy.
Just received another supply of toilet paper and there is another pallet on the way so no need to stockpile! Very impressed to see how many of our customers have succeeded in making the change from working in a city centre office to working from home as is evident from the number of distributed deliveries which we are now doing. Such a successful monumental change in work practice is something which staff and management should be proud of. If you have 20mins to spare, have a look at this interesting talk on ted.com which is from 2014 but maybe his approach is not too far from the reality forced upon us.
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